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    Division Algorithm for Polynomials

    Dividend = Divisor × Quotient + Remainder For any polynomial f(x) divided by polynomial g(x), we get quotient as q(x) and the remainder as r(x), or f(x) = g(x)q(x) + r(x). If the polynomial f(x) is divided...

    3 ways to make maths amiable for your child !!!

    As a child, I often saw many of my friends who used to make as many excuses as they could for not doing maths. Many times they copied maths homework too :). As we...

    Similar Triangles

    We often come across two triangles that share the same proportions, i.e. the angles are alike though their sizes differ. These are called similar triangles. The simplest method of illustrating two similar triangles is...

    Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

    We know that any integer greater than 1 can be formed by multiplying Prime numbers together. For example, 6 = 2 × 3 14 = 2 × 7 16 = 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 So,...

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