The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) carries out the class 10th science exam in February or March. Students require proper direction and preparation strategy to score excellent marks in science. The class 10 boards syllabus is really vast. Students should have an appropriate study plan so that they conclude the syllabus by the end of December month and get adequate time for practising the previous year’s sample papers. Some students find this subject simpler while some find it hard. Thus, to assist students prepare in a better way for the exam, mentioned below are some of the tips that students can refer to:

  • Study on a regular basis: Do not presume that the final examination is not vital enough as summative assessment (SA) -2 has only a 30% weightage. A standard study leading to a good performance in SA -2 might still enhance your grades.
  • Practice past year exam papers: At this time trying to learn new topics or shuffling with new books is not recommended. All you need to do is revise by practicing papers, sample papers and earlier years question papers. This will not only assist you to track your performance but also make you at ease with the assessment like situation. At this time, more than your acquaintance your ability to carry out in exam environment is vital. One more thing to be taken into consideration while practicing with sample papers is paying attention on speed. Give yourself a set time constraint and try to answer the paper in it. This way you will learn the talent of time management.
  • Revise the NCERT text-books thoroughly: Make sure that you revise each and every chapter from NCERT. Also rehearse all questions from the NCERT book, particularly the solved examples.

  • Keep your cool: While a definite amount of pressure among students is standard and can be advantageous for preparation, excessive exam pressure can have harmful effects on general happiness and performance of a student. Thus, attempt to shed off the examination stress in any case. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to keep stress levels little. Simply, a ten minute walk can also assist revive you for better revision. Another most well-known way of getting rid of the exam anxiety is meditation. It assists you get back into a state of tranquillity and calm. You can also try listening to some music as this will assist you cast away the exam related tensions and worries.
  • Practice writing: As you will have to do some amount of writing during the examination, it is vital that you practice writing sample papers and not only review them orally. It is vital to make sure that there is a uniform speed of writing all through the whole duration of the test so that there are no problems about completing the test papers.

Most essentially the students are advised to practice at least previous 5 to 6 years’ question papers. It assists the students to understand the exam pattern and improves their accuracy, speed, and time management skills. Following these techniques will certainly ensure outstanding performance in the class x boards exam.


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