When it comes to mathematics, practice is often the most common advice that we receive from both our peers and elders. However, we are here to tell you that just practice is not enough to get your shining grades CBSE mathematics class 10 examinations. Studying hard does yield visible results, but studying smart yields you even better result. So, we are here with some real board exam hacks for you so you can achieve the best of your potential.

Hack #1: Study according to weightage

The very first step on your journey to conquering the mathematics exam is to build an effective strategy to tackle it. Figure out the weight of every topic in the syllabus according to the proportion of marks distribution in the paper. Then your job is to channelize your focus accordingly. We have made your job even easier by coming up with the break-down of the curriculum of mathematics for the CBSE 2020 boards for class 10. The following are the 8 topics and their proportion of marks in a paper with full marks amounting to 80.

  • Algebra – 20
  • Geometry – 15
  • Trigonometry – 12
  • Mensuration – 10
  • Statistics And Probability – 11
  • Coordinate Geometry – 06
  • Number System – 06

Hack #2: Revise the NCERT Mathematics Book for Class 10

You might have been told multiple times to practice form reference book ad we are not here to tell you not to pay attention to that advice. However, do not forget the fact that the Council of Board of Secondary Education prepares the question paper with the NCERT books in mind. So, make sure to revise the sums from the NCERT books at least twice or thrice before your exam. Reference books and maths model for class 10 cbse will definitely broaden your knowledge of the subject.

Hack #3: Get used to the pattern

The key to finishing your paper on time is to know the pattern of the question paper to the T. And, the best way to achieve that is by practicing class 10 maths previous year question paper cbse. This not only introduces you to the pattern but also makes it very familiar for you so you will be in your comfort zone when the question paper reaches you on the exam day. It also helps you to fall in the habit of finishing the paper on time by effective time management. So, start practicing with a watch now. You should also analyze which questions take you more time than others and how much time can you afford to spend a question.

Hack #4: Make formula charts

At the very start of the year get a couple of quality chart paper and write down all the important formulas on it clearly and boldly. You may use a red sketch pen or marker for the job. Make it a point to go through the formulas at least twice every day. By the end of the year when your exam arrives, the formulas are sure to reside on the very tip of your tongue.


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