Mathematics is one of the core subjects in the CBSE 10th standard board exam. While this makes some kids really happy, a lot of them lose their sleepover mathematics. However, contrary to what you might think excelling in the paper and scoring well is not a herculean task. The Central Board of Secondary Education actually constructs a maths question paper for class 10, which requires a basic analytical mind and logical thinking rather than a memory, which is the best part. So, if you approach the subject with the right attitude and logic, you are sure to score some goal worthy marks regardless of whether you have had a friendly relationship with the subject or not. So, here are our expert tips for you.

  1. Repeat and Revise the NCERT Mathematics Book

CBSE class 10th maths question papers are constructed based majorly on the NCERT recommendations. So, the NCERT book is your best friend to tackle the exam. Although, other reference books should be practiced to broaden your knowledge about the subject which automatically boosts your confidence – a key to succeed in the exam, but make it a point to not only finish the syllabus from the NCERT book but also repeat the entire book again to revise your revisit the chapters.

  1. Visual Aids

Maths is a fine balance of understanding and learning. The formulas and theorems are the backbones of the subject, and you will be lost without them. One effective way to not only memorize the formulas but also keep them floating at the surface of your mind is to create charts on your walls. Buy a few chart papers and write down the formulas very clearly and boldly on them. Then have them hang in your room. Go through them every day while brushing your teeth at night or after waking up in the morning. If you continue to do this on a regular basis then forgetting formulas will be a thing of history even if your memory is the size of a peanut.

  1. Sample papers are a savior

When it comes to mathematics, the questions that appear on the question may be on the same lines like that in your textbook, but they are definitely not going to be the same. So you have to train your brain to cope with the surprise and deliver the right answer in the exam hall. This can only be achieved through practicing previous year class 10 maths question paper cbse as well as sample papers. They not only strengthen your mathematics skills but also make you familiar with the pattern of the question paper.

  1. Time management

It is more common than you think when students have to leave a question they know the answer of because of time constraint. Sample papers are a great way to train you to finish the paper on time or a bit before it even. Make sure to practice with an alarm clock at your disposal.

  1. Study smart

Even before you start with your course analyze your syllabus deeply. Order your topics on the basis of their weight in the syllabus of cbse mathematics class 10 and focus accordingly on each chapter.

Follow these tips religiously, and you are headed for some shining grades.


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