One of the first steps to approach CBSE class 10th maths question papers is to adopt a strategy that works in your favor. There is no denying that practice is the key to success when it comes to this particular subject, but you should not end just there. Go beyond practicing class 10 maths worksheets and start studying smart and hard for your boards to get the scores of your dreams. When it comes to strategies, one of the most important is to practice the important questions chapter wise at least twice before your exam, so it becomes a piece of cake for you to attempt such a question if it makes an appearance in your question paper. So, we have discussed some of the most important questions from the mathematics chapters.

  1. Real Numbers

Question: Give two examples to show that the product of two irrational numbers may be a rational number.

  1. Polynomials

Question: Determine if the given value of x is a zero of the polynomial or not; if x = 1.

  1. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Questions: 2 audio cassettes and 3 videocassettes cost Rs.425 and 3 audio cassettes and 2 videocassettes cost Rs.350. What are the prices of an audio cassette and video cassette each?

  1. Quadratic Equation

Question: Using factorization, find the roots of the quadratic equation:

  1. Arithmetic Progression

Question: The 26th, 11th and last term of an AP is 0,3 and-, respectively. Find the common difference and the number of terms.

  1. Triangles

Questions: A and B are respectively the points on the sides PQ and PR of a triangle PQR such that PQ = 12.5cm, PA = 5cm, BR = 6cm and PB = 4cm. Is AB ll QR? Give reasons for your answer.


  1. Coordinate Geometry

Find the coordinates of the point Q on the x-axis which lies on the perpendicular bisector of the line segments joining the points A (-5,-2) and B (4,-2). Name the type of triangle formed by the points Q, A and B.

  1. Introduction to Trigonometry

Question: Find the angle of elevation of the sun when the shadow of a pole h meters high is h meters long.

  1. Applications of Trigonometry

Question: There is a small island in the middle of a 100m wide river, and a tall tree stands on the island. P & Q are pointed directly opposite each other on two banks and in line with the tree. If the angles of elevation of the top of the tree from P and Q are respectively 30 and 40, find the height of the tree.

  1. Circles

Question: Prove that the center of a circle touching two intersecting lines lies on the angle bisector of the lines.

  1. Construction

Question: Construct a tangent to a circle of radius of 4 cm from a point which is at 6cm from its center.

  1. Areas related to circles

Question: The diameter of a cycle wheel is 70 cm. Find how many times the wheel will have to revolve in order to cover a distance of 110m.

This was not even touching the tip of the iceberg. You should solve cbse class 10 maths worksheets and go online to find worksheets with more important questions, so you remain well practiced in the important questions.


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