There are several subjects in Class 9 that the student has to study and qualify. But one particular subject that the majority of the students are found to fear is ‘Math’. This is one subject that even tends to cause jitters in some students with their parents even complaining of their wards experiencing fever or nervous breakdown. Even after keeping a tutor at home, the student might not feel confident about appearing for the Math exam. Unfortunately, Math is considered to be among the main subjects that determine the student qualifying and moving ahead to the next class. Hence, this subject cannot be taken lightly or avoided.

How to score full marks in the Math subject?

This is rather a dream for those students who are weak in this subject and feel it to be a real nightmare. The truth is that it is very much possible for even weaker students to score full marks in Math. To achieve this, it is necessary to get the basics correct. According to the experts, Math is considered to be one subject where the individual not only is able to improve on his/her computation skills, rather also develops on reasoning and thinking skills. Different methods can be used to solve the same problem. However, given very little time in the examination and plenty of questions to attend, it will be wise to always use those tried & tested techniques and methods.

Some tips to follow to score high in mathematics class 9

  • Avoid last-minute revision: This is something very strictly said to those students who wait for the last moment to begin their studies. Math is one subject where practice needs to be done on a daily basis right from the beginning of the session. It will be necessary to focus on the comfortable topics first and master it and then move on to the tough ones. Rigorous practice and repeat revisions should start at least few weeks before the exam. Also set deadlines to complete a particular problem as this will inculcate the habit to complete the entire exam paper on time, thereby ensuring that nothing is missed out.
  • Go through the paper carefully: Before starting to answer, it is necessary to read the question paper thoroughly and find out which ones are comfortable to be attended first.
  • Use the stepwise approach to solve problems: Even if partially, it will be necessary to attend all questions and not leave a single one. Attempts may bring in few marks for each correct step done.
  • Write in neat & tidy handwriting: Attempting everything correctly will not be of much help if you do not have legible handwriting. Also, avoid striking of lines everywhere. Think before you start writing and also avoid overwriting.
  • Keep proper tabs: It is related to theorems, rules, and formulae. Use only the appropriate methodology.
  • Formatting: Underline vital steps, draw margins and leave ample space on answering every question.

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