Mathematics is an interesting subject which involves the practical application of the concepts that we study. The subject usually gets mixed thoughts as some students love it while others struggle with it. However, for an overall good score, you need to perform well in every subject, and hence, you need to brush up your mathematical concepts as well.

Though getting a hold on mathematics is important for every student, it becomes all the more important for class 7 students as they will be graduating from primary to secondary grade wherein the subject will get more complex. You need to have all the fundamentals clear so that you can learn further. If you are a CBSE mathematics class 7 student, keep the following points in mind to get better in mathematics.

  • Breaking down the problem

A problem may seem too big and complex to be solved. In such a scenario, it is better to identify the concepts, break the sum into parts and then try to solve it. In the case of equations, you can break them and then put them together.

  • Pay importance to concepts

The first rule of understanding mathematics is focusing on fundamental concepts. Many students memorize the equations and formula, but it doesn’t that way. You can never cram maths; it has to be understood. When you get clarity on the underlying concept, what you are solving will automatically make sense. Taking some time to understand what you are doing and how to do it can help in solving even complex problems.

  • Avoid jumping to assignments

If you try to solve practice exercise or assignment directly, you may feel frustrated because of your failure in solving them. The right thing to do is first concentrated in the class when the tutor is teaching the concept and then solving the exercise given by the tutor. Once you get through it, you can proceed ahead with the assignment. This approach is ideal for absorbing the concept.

  • Try to solve extra problems

Mathematics can’t be learned in a day or two or solving a problem or two! You need thorough practice for it. The more you practice, the more you excel. Apart from the sums given at the back of the chapter, you can invest in some good 7th class maths study material for reference and practice sums from them. You can also find the question papers from the previous year and solve them to boost your confidence.

  • Understanding the problem

For solving a problem, you first need to understand it. Some students find it difficult to understand the problem itself. You must first read the problem again and again in parts. You can also draw the problem out for understanding it. Visualizing the problem can also help in understanding and solving.

  • Study Online

The Internet has made the world a small place, and it applies to education as well. Students can explore online studying material and sources for learning the concepts better.

Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will help in excelling in your subject.


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