The NCERT syllabus for CBSE mathematics class 8 is absolutely interesting and fun to do only if a student knows the right way to approach the subject. If your previous scores in the subject are making you doubt your ability, then let us tell you that mathematics is not a skill that people are born with. The skill can bloom in anybody if they know some simple tricks of the trade. We are here to tell how you can make your time with the subject enjoyable and fun, so practicing becomes a hobby rather than a time of torture.

  1. Make use of the internet

The internet is a treasure trove for students who want to have fun with maths for class 8 in a way to build a relationship of love with the subject and forget the previous enmity. If you have hated the subject since forever, then you probably have a wobbly base. This does not allow you to achieve accuracy in the sums you attempt adding to your de-motivation. So, first find the trick, tutorials and tips to learn the tables thoroughly along with division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. This will help you do sums at a quicker pace with great accuracy.

  1. Interactive lessons

Find interesting videos on the internet, which will make you, understand the chapters and topics in your book in a very fun and friendly manner. Videos that employ cute cartoons, bright colors, easy language, etc. make a lasting impression on your mind and make you understand mathematics in a fun way.

  1. Find a study partner in your friend

It is always fun when you are hanging out with your best friend, isn’t it? Well take that opportunity and make your mathematics lessons fun too. When you have a friendly partner by your side, you can ask for help in areas you are struggling to understand and vice versa. Helping your friend will also bring more clarity to your knowledge. You can watch the fun videos we suggested earlier together and challenge each other in every lesson. This healthy competition and companionship are sure to take your grades up to the ladder.

  1. Build a solid relationship with your teacher

There is a good chance that you do not gel well with your teacher if you hate the subject they teach. Try to understand that it is a cycle. Your poor performance in class and exams will only deteriorate your relationship with the teacher which will impact you negatively. So, start attending your classes regularly as mathematics class advances at quite a brisk pace. Try to raise relevant questions whenever you face doubt in class, so the teacher knows you are paying attention. Do your homework regularly. A good relationship with a teacher would automatically mean a pleasant and fun classroom atmosphere for you.

  1. Have fun practicing

Dedicate a fixed time every day for your math practice. You will only be able to understand the concept and their applications if you practice every day. Try to challenge yourself to do better to make the session fun and keep yourself motivated.

Remember that you have to face your fear of mathematics first and conquer it to start having fun with the subject.


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