It could be that you are having a tough time trying to get high scores in Class 6 CBSE Maths subject. If so, then you might be interested to know how top students prepare for this subject. You need to adopt a few suitable study techniques to make your study be effortless and easy. Identify your doubts and develop your own mathematical dictionary. All this, combined with some secrets shared by the top students and instructions can help overcome problems and improve study patterns.

Tips to improve CBSE mathematics class 6

  • It is always good to have some extra practice. Complete all homework and do not leave it for the next day.
  • Get proficient with math concept as it can help eliminate some stress when the concept is tested.
  • Give all answers within the stipulated time. This will ensure moving on to the next question as well as to complete the paper in full before or a specified timeframe.
  • Some extra work can be performed every night to help cement math skills. Additional practice is to be undertaken in the form of a worksheet, math game or online resources. In case you find concepts to be comfortable, then you can enjoy better results.

  • After answering the last question; if there is still enough time, ensure to double-check all questions to identify any missteps or mistakes committed.
  • It is not actually bad to get the wrong answer. This format is often used by top students to find the correct answer quickly, and even much faster than in case the question is not of multiple-choice.
  • It will be wise to write out the things required to identify the solution. Although an emphasis is likely to be placed upon the test grade, trying to hone problem-solving skills can be crucial to improving math education.
  • Don’t avoid the diagrams. If tired of reading, then simply draw diagrams as it can help to relax and learn the topic thoroughly. You will also be in a better position to identify what is missed out when drawing and rectify the same.
  • Write what is learned. After learning the topic, it is important to create a habit to write it down. Toppers are known to write it quickly and in good handwriting. This habit allows you to analyze the amount of time taken carefully. It also helps to manage time wisely during the exam.
  • Strategize time carefully. It is necessary to take out sufficient time to practice sample class 6 maths question paper cbse. Besides practicing math and studying other subjects, it is essential to set aside some valuable time for relaxation and entertainment to allow the mind to rest and overcome the stress of studying. You can indulge in any kind of activity that excites and offers relaxation like playing games, watching a movie, listening to music, painting, drawing, etc. But this activity should be restricted to just an hour to avoid unwanted distraction from studies.

Therefore, following the above can help you to study like a topper and give them stiff competition.


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