Is your final exam for math in class 6, CBSE fast approaching? Are you in a messy situation with regard to making preparations?  There is no need to panic and if you still have at least 2months for the exam, you can start on a confident note; after all, well begun is half done.

If you have 2 months before the exam, manage the time properly and classify it for practicing, revising and studying. By following some tips, you can crack the CBSE mathematics class 6 exams with shining colors. Here are some valuable tips:

Plan Your Time Strategically

Make plans for the 24 hours you have at your disposal. Set aside sufficient time for your studies and study at least 3 subjects per day. In addition to study time, allocate time for relaxation. Devote time as per any of your interests: painting/playing games/listening to music/watching an informative documentary, etc.

Note Down What You Learn

After you study topics, jot down what you learned. According to experts, learn to make notes at a fast pace without ruining your handwriting. Such a habit of making notes will help you hone skills of time management. This will stand you invaluable stead while tackling your final exam.

Pay Attention to Diagrams

In case you tire of making notes, try to design some diagrams related to the topic you are studying. This will not only help you master topics but also offer much relaxation. Later you can study the diagrams and rectify them in case you have missed any elements.

Get Adequate Sleep

Your time table must include enough time for all activities including eating, sleeping, studying and relaxing. You should not break your head over just textbooks and notes. When you are lying in bed and about to sleep, you can make a good practice of recalling the gist of topics you learned from the day. Consider which topics need further attention such that you can plan the study for the next day.


 Engaging in the physical movement like biking, hiking, skipping, jumping, running and walking, boosts the metabolism of the brain, rendering it more active. According to research, 20 minutes of walking makes active the brain of a student more than a sedentary lifestyle. Keeping quiet also helps- meditation enhances IQ level, concentration power, and better focus and reduces anxiety, depression and stress. Both exercise and meditation keep you fit, healthy and positive while facing exams.

Use Mental Associations

It is good to link topics you studied with a wide variety of concepts and issues. To learn easily, it is good to make mental associations. Even Steve Jobs, founder of IT giant Apple, said that creativity is all about making connections. Creative people work by making intellectual connections.

Use Techniques of Mnemonics

Create short formulas for complicated topics. For instance, the maths concepts of Sin, Cos and Tan can be simplified to ‘Some persons have curly black hair through proper brushing’. This is the mnemonic formula for Sin= Perpendicular/ Hypotenuse, Cos= Base/ Hypotenuse and Tan= Perpendicular/ Base. Use CBSE class 6 maths practice worksheets to create such formulas.

These are all some tips to prepare for CBSE Class 6, Maths exam.


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