If the mere thought of practicing class 7 maths worksheets makes you want to doze off, then we may have a problem here. One can only find interest in the subject if they can understand the underlying concept of each topic which will make them solve sums successfully. If you can build the right attitude to approach the subject, then half your battle is won and doing sums will automatically turn interesting. We will discuss some easy ways in which you can build interest in the subject.

  1. Attend all your classes

The first step to build interest in mathematics, or any other subject for that matter, is to understand every topic with utmost clarity. That would only be possible if you attend your classes religiously. Try to understand and absorb as much information as you can from the teacher and do not hesitate to ask relevant questions or raise a doubt in class even if everyone else seems to understand it.

  1. Make the internet your Guide

If you fail to understand a topic even after attending the class, then come back home and power up your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The internet is an enormous space filled with information on everything imaginable, the mathematics included. Go through a few video lesson, read a few articles, and you will surely understand the concept that you were struggling to grasp earlier.

You should also try to find new tricks and tips to perform basic mathematics like division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction quickly and with more accuracy. Learn tables to perfection so you can recite it even in your sleep.

  1. Do away with laziness

As a young mind and smart individual, you should be bursting with vitality both mentally and physically. Laziness is the tool of the weak and you must do away with it if success is your goal in life in any field. When it comes to mathematics class 7, the secret is to practice effectively. Once you have a good understanding of the underlying concept in a chapter, conquer the exercises. NCERT books are really friendly for the students and have nice exercises for you to practice.

  1. Find a study partner

By study partner, we do not mean that you have to study together at all times. Instead, you will be partners in understanding sums. If one faces difficulty, the other can help. By helping your friend, you will also get a chance to refine your concepts. You will also get some healthy competition, which will push the two of you to work harder. And, studying with a friend will automatically raise the interest bar.

  1. Set challenges for yourself

To make the subject more interesting you have to start with easy to build your confidence and give you the motivation to proceed further. Most students hate mathematics because they cannot do it. Set challenges for yourself in terms of the number of chapters you are going to finish each month, number of sums you do and the time you take to do them. Try to increase the difficulty level each passing day.

If you follow these simple steps even, then you are sure to see better marks on your scorecard in your next exam.


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