If you have been promoted to class 8 and aim to improve your grades in mathematics, then we might have some really great tips and tricks for you. These tips will not only help you prepare for the approaching cbse class 8 mathematics exam but also build a sense of love and interest in your heart and mind for the subject.

  1. Analyze the Syllabus

The first thing to do once you get promoted to 8th standard is to get the syllabus in your hand and analyze it keenly. Figure out the chapter you seem to like and perform well and those that kind of make you want to go to sleep. Then build a plan for each month first where you will deal with say 2 chapters that you do not like and 2 that you like alternatively. The plan should distribute the whole syllabus across the entire academic year in such a way that you will finish your chapter a month or two prior to the exam and keep those months for more practice and revision.

  1. Dedicate time for practice every day

Set aside about 2 hours every day for math practice. Always remember that it might seem cliché, but you can build your skill in mathematics only through practice, and it is not a talent you have to be born with thankfully. Everyday practice will make you understand concepts and their application with utmost clarity.

  1. Do not skip any class

Mathematic classes have the tendency to advance quite quickly so one missed class could mean missing the opportunity to learn an entire chapter. Try to be as attentive as you can in the class and raise the question without hesitation whenever you face a doubt.

  1. Take help from the internet

If you fail to understand concept somehow in school, then do not lose your mind. Remember that you aided with the treasure trove of knowledge through the internet. Find videos, tutorials, articles online that will explain the concept very simple. You may also consider enrolling in mathematics online tutorial for further help with the subject.

  1. Make a chart

Use a sheet of chart paper and attractive color pencils and markers to write down the important formulas from every chapter. Hang the chart in a very accessible place and go through it every day. You can do it while sipping on your favorite drink or when brushing your teeth at night. This will help you memorize the formulas by heart.

  1. Use mnemonics for easy learning

Talking of memorizing formulas, using mnemonics techniques makes the process much easier. Say, for example, BODMAS is a term to remember the sequence of how solve a simple equation. Kittens hate dogs but do chase mouse is a simple phrase to remember the metric system of Kilo, Hecto, Deca, Base, Deci, Centi, Milli. You can find mnemonic for most formulas that are there in your 8th class maths study material.

We can assure you that you will definitely see and improvement in your grades if you follow these simple tips to do mathematics in 8th grade.


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