The 10th board exam is a significant defining point in a child’s career. It is the first stepping stone for your child in the journey of building a successful career. One of the important subjects, not only for boards but also for future endeavors, is mathematics. And, one must strive to perform their best in the exam.

Mathematics is one of the subjects that test a child’s logical thing and reasoning abilities instead of their memory, which is why it could feel like a hurdle for a lot of students. The regular and effective practice seems like the only feasible way to ace the mathematics exam. However, there is more than just practice that can aid you in achieving good marks. Here are some simple tips and tricks one must follow, which are sure to enhance the effect of your practice on your grades.

  • The question paper of the CBSE mathematics paper is based on the NCERT recommendations. So, make the NCERT Mathematics Book for Class 10 the very backbone of your 10th class maths study material.
  • Your goal is to understand the concepts and finish the syllabus from this book entirely first. You may take extra help from online tutorials like EduSaksham to have a crystal clear understanding of the concepts of the subject.
  • The subject is all about formulas and how well you remember them. Remember the formulas well, and half the battle is won for you. We suggest you to buy a chart paper or use a sheet of cardboard and write down all the formulas clearly and hang the chart in a corner of your room. Make it a habit to go through them 2-3 times a day at least. You can do this while brushing your teeth in the morning or as a before-going-to-bed ritual.
  • Studying smart is more important than studying hard. Figure out the weight of every topic in the subject and distribute your effort accordingly. For the present mathematics syllabus, the distribution of marks is as following:
  • Algebra- 20 marks
  • Geometry- 15 marks
  • Trigonometry- 12 marks
  • Statistics and Probability- 11 marks
  • Mensuration- 10 marks
  • Coordinate Geometry- 6 marks
  • Real Numbers- 6 marks

Study Materials for Class 10 MathematicsMake sure to focus more on the units that carry more marks.

  • To strengthen your knowledge and broaden your horizon, make it a point to include books by authors like RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal in your 10th maths study material. Once you have finished the syllabus from the NCERT book, it is time to refresh with these, so your skills become unbeatable.
  • Once you are done with the available study material for class 10 CBSE maths, it is time to solve question papers. You can find an ocean of sample papers if you head over to the right online tutorial like EduSaksham not only provides you with the papers but also corrects your mistakes to help you improve your mathematics skills effectively.
  • Remember to set yourself a time limit to do any kind of math practice. This will help you complete your paper on time or even before time on the day of the exam. So, keep that alarm clock handy.

With these tips and practice, you are sure to do exceptionally well in the exam. We wish you all the luck in there is in Mathematics heaven!


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