There are many students who are of the wrong opinion that performing well in the math subject in CBSE class 9 is actually an inborn skill and not something to be learned. However, the fact is that any student can achieve success in math by adopting the right strategies and schedule.

Top tips to follow to perform well in class 9 maths

  • Avoiding missing classes: New concepts are taught every day, and hence, absenteeism should be avoided. If any class is missed out, then students are required to learn those that they have missed.
  • Complete all homework: Homework is not to be regarded as a choice, but a crucial step for students to get in-depth practice and to master the different concepts which are taught in school. It is necessary to set up regular place and time to make homework appear automatic.
  • Identify a friend as study partner: Legitimate absences do have genuine reasons. So, a friend taking notes at class can help the student if he/she is absent and vice versa to complete the task and homework. It is a good practice recommended by experts. Hence, it is essential to develop a positive relationship. Studying in groups brings in the best results and helps the students to be better practiced to appear tests comfortably.

  • Understand and analyze each and every mistake committed: With culture these days becoming perfection focused, ignoring mistakes committed can be quite tempting. There are students who simply might ignore mistakes made on a test or homework. Such mistakes need to be fixed and know why they had been made in the first place. Otherwise, the student is likely to repeat them, thus losing precious marks in the exam. Sufficient time is to be given to analysis the thinking that went behind the mistake as well as to identify how it can be done correctly. If unclear, teacher’s help should be sought.
  • Algebra to be mastered: For higher classes, Algebraic skills are crucial. Hence, students are to master skills such as solving equations, slope, radical simplification and graphing. Those getting poor scores should practice Algebra regularly.
  • Avoid swallowing questions: If there are any questions that come up in mind, the teacher should be asked immediately and get proper answers for the same. With more questions, the student is likely to get more confident in getting the right and correct answers for cbse mathematics class 9.
  • Try to make the surrounding environment favorable to studies: Do not watch TV, run any app on the smartphone or listen to music. Rather, it will be useful to focus on the topics to be covered so that it is practiced and the sums done correctly and also avoid committing silly mistakes.

Following the above tips can help the students to score well and also avoid common mistakes. With properly set schedules and guidance from the industry experts, it is possible for the students of class 9 CBSE to get top marks in Maths.


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