Students eagerly wait for their sessions to get over so that they can enjoy the summer vacations. However, before they can enjoy the holidays, it is time to write the exams and perform well in them. Most of the students face pressure about performing well and scoring well in all of their subjects. Many students find mathematics to be a tougher subject as compared to others.

Whether you are good at mathematics or struggle with it, the following preparations tips for mathematics class 8 can help in last-minute preparations before the exams.

  • Begin the study a little earlier

Though it is the last minute preparation we are talking about, yet you must begin practicing at least a few days before the exams. Maths can’t be excelled in a day as it is not any theory subject but a practical one. You can’t expect to understand the concepts and solve the problems in a single day. Devote at least a few days for the preparation so that you can revise topics each day and cover the entire syllabus within 3-4 days.

  • Studying in a group

Mathematics can be a complex subject full of problem sums that might be difficult to solve on your own. Hence, you can try the idea of studying in a group with your friends. You all can together begin solving exercises given at the back of the chapter so that you can help each other if any one of you gets stuck at a chapter.

  • Leave aside the difficult chapter

Since this is your last-minute preparation before the exam, you may not be able to learn a new topic from scratch if you were struggling with it throughout the year. It is better to leave that topic aside and focus on the topics that you are already good at. It is better to play on your strengths than wasting time on topics that you may not be able to learn in a day or two.

  • Take Short Breaks

Mathematics can be consuming if you study it all at once in a single stretch. Thus, it is better to study a few chapters in parts. You can solve some of the sums and take a break for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink water and take a short walk around the house. Though you are preparing for the exams, you must not stop yourself from enjoying your favorite activity. Many experts’ advice to practice a pose or two of yoga while the break so that your body can relax.

  • Use reference material

Apart from your textbook, you can also use reference material to prepare for your exams. This can become your additional study material and give you a chance to solve some more sums so that you get a thorough practice of each chapter.

Using the above-mentioned tips along with solving the maths worksheet for class 8 can help in preparing for the exams a day before and come out with flying colors.


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