Promotion to 6th standard marks the beginning of the journey of secondary school. This is a very crucial time for students to lay a strong foundation for this all-important subject. The right approach towards the subject will spike a sense of love and interest in the subject in young minds. But, unfortunately, children, as well as their guides, are unaware of the right attitude one should have to really understand the subject. So, we have come up with 3 simple yet useful ways that will not only make you a pro at solving class 6 maths question paper in the exam but also build a lifelong love for the subject.

  1. Take Online Help

Do not fret if you failed to understand a lesson in school when you have the internet on your side. For each topic in mathematics, there are hundreds of videos and articles, which will guide you through smoothly. And why just stop at learning concepts, try to learn intelligent tricks to do quick multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. These basic skills are the most important. This will help you cut down the time to take to solve sums while increasing the accuracy of your answers. Besides, the videos are quite fun to learn and you can also challenge your friends or amaze them with a trick or two. Isn’t that a fun way to learn!

  1. Practice Regularly

If your previous score is pushing you to think that you are not born with the genes or intelligence to tackle the subject, then let us first tell you that you could not be any more wrong. Mathematics in not an innate skill you are born with but a skill you develop and improve by regular practice. However, if you think practicing mathematics is boring, then you are not alone. And, the solution to that problem is to look at it as a fun challenge to work-out your mind. Get your hands on cbse class 6 maths worksheets that are not too difficult to solve. When you start easy, you will surely succeed which will give you the motivation to proceed to the next level. If you are a guide and want to build the interest of your students, then starting small and easy is the secret.

  1. Do not miss a class

Whether you love the teacher or hate him or her with all your heart, do not make the mistake of skipping classes. Math classes, especially, move at the pace of a storm and one missed class could potentially mean one missed lesson.

If you happen to have a shaky relationship with your mathematics teacher, try to mend it. If it’s a new teacher, then make sure to build a good connection. Remember that teachers are there you help you. If you fail to understand something, gather courage and ask. It will not only clear your doubt but also make the teacher understand that you are paying attention in class. Also, DO YOUR HOME-WORK religiously.


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