NCERT or The National Council of Educational Research and Training, is one of the principal organisations endorsing education in India. The syllabus and curriculum followed in CBSE, the most well-known board for secondary education in India, is based on NCERT strategy. NCERT executing the National Curriculum Framework, and endorsing educational development in the country, NCERT is recognized for the books published by it, which are recommended in schools all over the country.

NCERT textbooks are intended to make subjects simpler to understand, with lots of consideration put into the learning abilities of students at various ages. These textbooks finally also become the chief source of information for examination preparation. As these NCERT books are created for students of all classes, the content is ideal for enhancing learning and understanding among them.

Listed below are the reasons students prefer study material for cbse for their study requirements:

  • The books have vast sets of practice questions: These books have tremendously useful questions at the conclusion of every chapter. Thus, once you are done studying the section, you can test your development in a specific chapter and topic as soon whenever you wish for. In fact, you can complete a major part of your exam preparation with the assistance of these questions, as NCERT class 10 and NCERT Class 12 Math & Science exams frequently include questions from the course books.
  • NCERT study material and NCERT solutions offer utmost content without making the students feel bored: The content of these course books as well as the free NCERT solutions is wide-ranging; all the topics and chapters are explained in as much detail as is necessary to make students examination-ready! The content is worded briefly; thus students stay interested in studying for longer!
  • The answers to these questions are available readily: Another advantaging feature of reading from NCERT textbooks are the NCERT Solutions. These solutions are brief and can assist students know even the more complicated questions. These solutions assist you finish homework effectively as well!

  • Commercialisation of textbook production is a problem which raises many questions: This requires reflection from the standpoint of not only the money parents pay for the textbook, but in terms of learning experiences and the quality which come through the textbook. Almost all the states offer course books free to students up to class VIII. Schools associated to the CBSE use books published by private publishers for up to Class VIII. This is where commercialisation starts, for private publishers manufacture textbooks for all subjects and for fields such as Computer Literacy, General Knowledge, and Value Education. These are the areas the National Curriculum suggests for integrating into subject areas. This augments the weight on learning-teaching.

When it comes to preparing for the board exams and scoring optimum marks, most of the students often misuse their time deciding the correct study material out of the plentiful options available in the market. Most of the students end up selecting the incorrect study materials which might even lead them to breakdown.

NCERT books are extremely helpful for the CBSE students as they include the entire CBSE curriculum for class 1 to 12 and pay attention on basics to assist the students with basic concepts.


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